High Treetops
Denny Leroux
Told her she could stay in my place
Then it felt like a kick in the face
A barren bed and a handwritten note
I think it’s time I wear my overcoat

High treetops
Broken dreams and new beginnings yawning
High treetops
Broken hearts that will need some mending

Like a little old man I’d walk on right thru this town
My hat on head up and I might frown
Come along with me and we’ll see this whole world
It doesn’t matter because she’s a girl

Like a little row boat it’s docked alone on the pond
I’d never believe it but it’s just a song
Do you think you’ll catch me blowing out in the wind
I hope you’ll be there cause your still a friend

Like I’d walk on over the hill
Take the jump
And may catch the thrill what about

I finally realized that I wasn’t blind
I’ve made it this far catching up from behind
Come along with me and you’ll see the light
We’ll ride together til we seize the night