1. Hey Ladi


Hey Ladi
1st Verse
Discussing the possibilities of heading out West
She accidentally exposed 1 of her breasts
Just like a candle burning at both ends
Would you like to be caught in the middle
If I was the one caught in the middle,
I’d cry a tear and catch it in my hand
And with the water on my palm, I’d douse the flames so I won’t be
Caught on the burning bridge trying to scream and shout
Hey Ladi Ladi Ladi Hey Ladi Ladi Lo
2nd Verse
As we swam and held each other
We danced with the moon
The beaches were wrapped around us
Our bodies were nude
Is Tinsel Town a hopeless place
Unglued and gone without a trace
3rd Vese
Disgustingly over crowded the thoughts in my head
If this was an accident then I know what she meant